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Heat Treatment Furnace

Mobile heat treatment furnace made of single panels speciallcasingsy designed for the heat treatment of mixing chambers and inner


Constructive design:
The furnace wall and roof consist of panels with a minimum of 120 mm height temperature insulation, which needs to be bolted together on site.
The furnace bottom consists of a steel frame, for the 100 mm sand as floor insulation. (Sand is to be delivered as well as support for the mixing chamber and inner casing by client).
The roof panels are equipped with lifting lugs in order to lift the furnace over the work piece and to remove the furnace after the heat treatment.
The crane is to be supplied by the client and must have a lifting capacity of approx. 30 t.
All panels are constructed in such way that they will fit into the 20 ` Container for transport and storage.
Inside the container room is foreseen to store the oil burners as well the automatic control for the burner (including temperature recorder 4 sheathed thermocouple and compensating cable).
The 20 ` Container (used) will be sand blasted and painted in a color of your choice.
The burners will be placed at each corner in order that the hot gases built a cyclone around the work piece. This hot gas will rise to the top where the exhaust openings are positioned.
Technical Description


Max dimension work load:
4100 mm length
2400 mm width
2400 mm height
Max load weight:
6000 kg
Inside dimension of furnace:
4800 mm length
Insulation to insulation:
3000 mm width
3000 mm height
Heating system:
oil burners of 270 kW
Operating temperature:



Including the automatic control for the burner
(complete with temperature recorder 4 sheathed
thermocouple and compensating cable

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