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Additional Service

Gas Turbine Inlet Cooling

Increase Turbine Output Reduce HeatRate Improve Turbine Effciency Reduce NOx Emissions

100% Evaporaton Efficiency
Lowers inlet air to wet bulb temperature - maximizes power output
Easy to Install
Quick to install in existing inlets. Can be installed during an outage.
Low Capital Cost
Capital cost per KW generated is lowest of any power augmentation method on the market.
Low Inlet Pressure Drop
Clost to zero as compared to 0.5 inch of water across media coolers and 1.0 inch of water across cooling coils.
Efficient and Durable
System operates at 3,000 psi generating the finest droplets possible. Skid and nozzle arrays made from high performance standards.
Delivers optimal power gains by tracking gradual changes in ambient temperatures through the use of multiple stages of flow.