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Company Profile

Modification work of 15x Condenser Pumps, 15x HP Feed Water Pumps and 30x MPR Pumps for Sihi-Sterling (former Halberg) at Hsin-Ta PSCC

In 2010 at coal fired 2x600MW Power Plant, Solid Perfection succeed new manufacturing and operated circulating water pumps, condenstaed pumps and serveral steam valves.

Partial repair work of deviations of SIEMENS V84.2 GT Spare Parts delivery from SIEMENS to Taipower Company at Hsin-Ta PSCC during Power Plant erection / commissioning (15x Gas Turbines V84.2, 5x Steam Turbines and 20x Generator units)___________________________________________________________________________

Lin-kou new erection and commissioning of SIEMENS Gas Turbine V84.3 under SIEMENS

Solid Perfection Eng. modified / upgrade work under SIEMENS supervision of INNER CASINGS (repair & modified of INNER Hubs & PROTECTION LINERS) and MIXING CHAMBERS at V84.2 Gas Turbines of Nan-Pu PSCC during overhaul of Taipower Company.

Repair work / overhaul of V84.3 Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine under SIEMENS supervision (Replacement of blades and modifications)

Service work for open items of Siemens during warranty at Nan-Pu, Hsin-Ta, and Lin-kou Power Plant (i.e. Repair work of GT V84.2 Combustion Chambers, Inner Casing, Fuel Burners and so on)

Several Services and Spare Parts to Power Producer. Such as:
SIEMENS Gas Turbine V-Series:
V84.2(SGT6-2000E) V84.3 V84.3a(SGT6-3000E) V94.2(SGT5-2000E) V94.3a
GE Gas Turbine Series:
Modle MS6000, MS7000, MS9000 series...
MHI Gas Turbine Series:
Modle M501F & M501G series...

Pipe modification of water treatment plant

Service of GT Spare Parts supply, Fabrication & Supply of Gas Turbine Thermal Parts V84.2 and V94.2 for Taipower Company and IPP's