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Solid Perfection's core team designs and controls the manufacturing process of turbine parts for power plant and industrial turbines which are used mainly in power generation.We primarily offer non-OEM gas turbine components for combustion chambers, hot gas path-, compressor- and partially for the balance of plant sections.

The provided non-OEM parts are adopted

by many turbine manufacturers' proprietary alloys. For this purpose the necessary high- performance alloys are delivered by the world's leading ISO certified suppliers.


Under additional service we show examples of our capabilities in gas turbine blade refurbishment services and how to raise gas turbine output with improvement of efficiency with conventional and low emission features
and others.


In this section we've created a summery of products which are used predominantly for maintenance purposes. i.e. gas turbine washing equipment / compressor cleaner,
lubrications, adhesives and other chemicals.


Here we've placed special tools which are designed and well proven for special applications.


In this section we also show examples of our capability to provide either major industrial products & components, products for balance of plant or even work tools, instrumentation or test equipment i.e. like pumps, fans, filters, valves, motors, couplings, thermocouples, pressure sensors, thermometers, vibration sensors, hand-helds, recorders, ultrasonic equipment, lasers, threaded inserts, lock washers, tools,
workshop equipment, personal and environmental protection systems and other hardware.


Herewith we show our capabilities in supplying a wide range of special materials and high performance alloys i.e. like nickel, monel, inconel, incoloy, nimonic, brightray, nilo and other alloys.