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Cleaning balls for condenser and heat exchanger systems


The absolutely nonpolluting spong rubber ball made
of natural rubber

Range of diameter : 8mm to 250 mm


Cleaning balls Type L for use up to 80

Working pressure suitable for 400kpa


Sponge rubber ball Type S

Designed as long-life ball for use in copper and brass tubes

Polishing ball Type P

Cleaning balls containing a polishing agent for use in titanium or high-grade steel pipes. Also suitable for brass pipes prone to surface roughness.

Type M ( Mix )

Polishing ball additionally containing granules. Its cleaning action is stronger than that of the polishing ball. That cleaning ball is to be used whenever the cleaning action of the polishing ball is not sufficient, for example in case of heavy biofouling in titanium or high-grade steel pipes. In addition, in contrast with other abrasive balls, Type ?? ????8????? M does not attack the basic material. Type M can be used constantly, while abrasive balls can only be used from time ?? ????8????? to time for removing harder scales.
Please note that Type M is a non-stock item. These balls are always custom-mixed and produced according to your order.

If you have a special cleaning need¡Aplease contact Solid Perfection¡Aas we can acquire special cleaning balls to meet your specific needs.

Granule coated ball Type G

Cleaning ball with granule-strewn surface. These granule balls show even stronger cleaning action than polishing balls or Type M balls, and are used when particularly heavy biofouling has to be removed from titanium or high-grade steel pipes.

Ring coated corund ball Type R

Cleaning ball featuring a corundum ring.
Application areas:
Hard scale (for example, calcite, silicates, sulphates)
Thorough cleaning of cooling tubes
Heavy biofouling (non-permanent use)
Removal of porous protective coatings (for example, when regularly adding FeSO4
Dried or thickened cooling water residues following draining of condenser
As a rule, corundum ring balls should not be used permanently.
Totally coated corundum ball Type T

Cleaning ball with corundum on nearly the whole surface. Type T allows quicker cleaning of cooling pipes in special cases, but requires higher differential pressure than Type R.
Type R is of universal use. In case of hard scale we also recommend Type R because of its higher contact pressure.

Heat-resistant balls Type H for use up to 140C

Heat-resistant balls Type H for use up to 140
Cleaning balls suitable for use in the high-temperature rang up to 140C in seawater desalinization plants.
Grades and types as Type L intended for use in the low-temperature range.

Ball designation (example)

Ball diameter24 mm______________________24
Ball type S = Standard ball______________S
R = Ring coated corundum ball
T = Totally coated corundum ball
G = Granule-coated ball
P = Polishing ball
M = Mix (Polishing ball containing granules

Ball type L = heat-resistant up to 80______L
H = heat-resistant up to 140

Grade 1 = soft
3 = medium__________________3
5 = hard
6 = extra hard)
2 = medium-soft )manufactured on request only.
4 = medium-har )